Tournament Summaries

2015 Club Championship

Thanks, gentlemen for another fun year!  We wrapped up the season with our annual banquet and a round of golf at Poppy Ridge last Saturday.

I want to thank my fellow 2015 Board members – Ryan Ward, Erwin Grose, and Paul Kim for their service to the club.  Thanks also go out to Dan Stone and Suntae Kim for the work they did on our website.


For next season, Steve Lee will serve as our Handicap Chairman, I will head the Fore Aces Cup, Suntae Kim will continue maintaining our website, and Erwin Grose will serve as President.


The Spirit of Fore Aces award was presented to Suntae Kim.  Suntae has always stepped up when we needed some additional help and has been consistent recruiter of new members.


This was our 4th season of Cup competition and it continues to provide for a lot of fun and excitement right down to the bitter end.  Past winners include Terry Chung in the inaugural season, followed by Joon Choi, Erwin Grose, and yours truly.  Playing well helps, but so does showing up for the events.


1st Place was awarded a $300 gift card and Membership dues paid for the next season
2nd Place prize was awarded a $150 gift card plus membership dues
3rd Place prize was awarded a $75 gift card plus membership dues


2015 Final Cup Standings


Player Points Points
# of
Top 5′s
Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
1 4 John A. Kim 572.00 0.00 89 29 77 32.5 84 37.5 81 34.5 80 30.5 90 33 71 100 72 175 100
2 2 Suntae Kim 531.50 40.50 84 35 68 100 81 50 75 85 73 70 0 0 81 29 76 87.5 75
3 1 Paul Kim 518.00 54.00 82 40 77 32.5 79 85 86 30 80 30.5 75 100 80 30 77 70 100
4 3 Steve Lee 452.50 119.50 78 70 0 0 79 85 83 31.5 77 33.5 87 35 72 70 82 52.5 75
5 5 Ryan Ward 406.25 165.75 93 28 75 35 85 34 82 33 71 100 84 40 0 0 78 61.25 75
6 6 Joungki Min 368.00 204.00 81 50 71 45 91 31 78 45 75 40 0 0 78 33 83 49 75
7 7 Erwin Grose 351.75 220.25 0 0 76 34 84 37.5 75 85 74 50 0 0 77 37.5 79 57.75 50
8 8 John Knight 296.50 275.50 0 0 0 0 87 32.5 78 45 77 33.5 83 50 78 33 82 52.5 50
9 9 Joon Choi 244.25 327.75 0 0 71 45 0 0 83 31.5 76 35 0 0 73 50 79 57.75 25
10 10 Sang Kim 207.87 364.13 87 31.5 0 0 0 0 81 34.5 0 0 90 33 77 37.5 84 46.37 25
11 15 Jesse Yang 192.50 379.50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 76 70 0 0 73 122.5 0
12 12 Young Lee 172.87 399.13 86 33.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 78 32 90 33 82 28 84 46.37 0
13 14 Jesse Gosselin 135.75 436.25 0 0 86 30 0 0 92 29 0 0 0 0 78 33 87 43.75 0
14 11 Pete Yang 131.00 441.00 75 100 81 31 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
15 13 Dan Stone 100.00 472.00 87 30 70 70 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
16 16 Simon Lee 64.00 508.00 87 31.5 0 0 87 32.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
17 T19 Yun Kim 57.75 514.25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 79 57.75 0
18 T19 David Chung 52.50 519.50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 82 52.5 0
19 17 Gary Kim 33.50 538.50 86 33.5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
20 18 Pat D’Anna 31.00 541.00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 92 31 0 0 0 0 0
21 T19 Terry Chung 27.00 545.00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 83 27 0 0 0
22 T19 Jung Yang 0.00 572.00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Renewal information will be out shortly.  Hope to see you guys next season!




So we had our 3rd match against the Divots clubs the beginning of August at the famed Pasatiempo course…..definitely worth a trip if you have not played…..

Just as reminder of the history, we were 1-1 with them…..

In the first match, featuring an old member against us (Chris Banuelos), we ended up winning one and losing one……For Pat it was his first round of the year!

In the second match up, Ryan had an off day and John was able to push the match to a tie for a ½ a point. Total Divots 2.5 Fore Aces 1.5

The third match featured a guy with a supposed 29 hdcp on the Divots team….he ended up winning but not by much…Steve was able to best their low hdcp player….Total Divots 3.5 Fore Aces 2.5

The fourth match both John and Paul won their matches for 2 points… Divots 3.5 and Fore Aces 4.5

Unfortunately the last match was bathed in controversy as the handicap was not made clear. The results suggest that it was 2 points for Fore Aces… we would have won 6.5 to 3.5….But the other team contended they had won both contests or maybe tied one….So in the interest of sportsmanship we called it a draw….

Our record against the Divots is 1-1-and now 1

In the race for the Fore Aces Cup, the race is tightening as Paul has taken a slim lead because of Suntae’s absence.

Paul took the Pasatiempo tournament….sort of accomplishing a ‘Ryan’ where the host wins the tournament…..Here are the final results:

Paul Kim 75
Jesse Yang 76
John Knight 83
Ryan Ward 84
Steve Lee 87
John Kim 90
Sang Kim 90
Young Lee 90
Pat D’Anna 92
John Scivally non member 78

As you already know, Ryan will NOT be able to host the Coyote Creek Tournament on Sept 12….

We are looking for a volunteer…..
Please contact John ‘Apple’ Kim if you would like to help or host this upcoming tournament….

See you guys on Sept 12.!


Closest to the Pin: Paul Kim 9’3″
Money Shot: Erwin Grose 17’6 1/2″
Long Drive: Erwin Grose

Team Match Winners(three teams tied):
Erwin Grose
Joon Choi
Steve Lee
John Knight
John Rhee
Suntae Kim

Individual Results:
1) Ryan Ward 82 net 71
2) Suntae Kim 83 net 73
3) Erwin Grose 83 net 74
4) Joungki Min 82 net 75
5) Joon Choi 83 net 76
6) John Knight 84 net 77
6) Steve Lee 77 net 77
8) Young Lee 88 net 78
9) John Kim 96 net 80
9) Paul Kim 93 net 80
11) Sang Kim 97 net 87

Cinnabar Hills

This was our annual East Bay vs. South Bay tournament. It was a hot one! Results below:

Closest to the Pin: Jesse Gosselin 1’11″
Money Shot: Scott Gill 8’8″
Long Drive: Erwin Grose

Match 1:
John Knight over Sang Kim 3 and 2
Joungki Min over Steve Lee 1 up
Team Match AS

East Bay 1.5 South Bay 1.5

Match 2:
Erwin Grose over John Kim 2 and 1
Paul Kim over Joon Choi 1 up
East Bay over South Bay 1 up

East Bay 3.5 South Bay 2.5

Match #3
Suntae Kim and Scott Gill AS
Ryan Ward over Jesse Gosselin 2 and 1
South Bay over East Bay 3 up

East Bay 4 South Bay 5

South Bay wins!

Individual Results:

1) Erwin Grose 85 net 75
1) Suntae Kim 86 net 75
3) John Knight 86 net 78
3) Joungki Min 86 net 78
5) John Kim 98 net 81
5) Sang Kim 92 net 81
7) Ryan Ward 95 net 82
8) Joon Choi 90 net 83
8) Steve Lee 83 net 83
10) Paul Kim 101 net 86
11) Jesse Gosselin 92 net 92

Our next tournament is Saturday, July 18, 2015 at Metropolitan Golf Links
in Oakland, Ca with tee times starting at 9am. Stay tuned for
registration opening soon.


Saturday was another gorgeous day in the East Bay. Too bad the golf didn’t look as good, but it was great fun nevertheless. Here are the

Long Drive on #8 – Paul Kim
Closest to Pin on #3 – Simon Lee
Money Shot on #14 – Steve Kim ( I had it for about 2 mins before Steve stepped and knocked it to within 15″. This from the guy who was once
overheard exclaiming, ” I never win the Money Shot!” He’s won it twice since making the statement.

3 Blind Mice Winner – John Kim.
I kind of feel a little bit bad about this, but not really. We took the net 18 hole score and removed the “3 Blind Mice” holes – 1, 12, and 15. Turns out I made a 10 on #12, which was removed. Better to be lucky than good.

The stroke play tournament results are as follows…

T1 — Steve Lee 79 gross and net
T1 — Paul Kim 79 net
3rd — Suntae Kim 81 net
T4 — John Kim 84 net
T4 — Erwin Grose 84 net
6th — Ryan Ward 85 net
T7 — Simon Lee 87 net
T7 — John Knigh 87 net
9th — Joungki Min 91 net

Our next Tournament is June 7th at Cinnabar. This is our traditional venue for East Bay vs South Bay. Its also tradition that East Bay wins (5 out of last 6 yrs) and that the losing team buys dinner at Tong Soon Garden in Santa Clara.

See you guys next month!.



Shadow Lakes/Deer Ridge

Fore Aces Golf Club had its first ever 36-hole tournament in April.

Unfortunately, it happened during the Easter Weekend/Spring Break so the turnout was less than ideal. But for the 10 members that played it was still enjoyable, and we also had the chance to welcome a new member, Jesse.

Besides the new member excitement, there was also the novelty of the new money game….

In the first match of the season we introduced the blind partner match. The idea was to chose a blind partner who with your combined score would be the low combined score for the match. However, there was really not much diversity, as everyone chose the same few players. This time around in blind partners, we had to chose the player that would have the greatest score differential from our own, using the net handicap. It provided a little more variety.

So the two threesomes and one foursome went out early at Shadow Lakes and finished with the following net adjusted scores:

Joon Choi – 71
Joungki Min – 71
Ryan Ward – 75
Suntae Kim – 75
Erwin Grose – 76
John Kim – 77
Dan Stone – 79
Paul Kim – 81
Pete Yang – 82
Jesse Gosselin – 86

Longest Drive: Jesse Gosselin; Closest to the Pin: Joungki Min
Money Shot: Suntae Kim. Suntae and Jesse also won the blind partner with a differential of 11.

For the afternoon round, only 6 members could play. The highlight of the round was playing as a SIXSOME! Even with playing as a sixsome we finished in 4.5 hours.

With the added scores for the Fore Aces Cup, the following adjustment in the Fore Aces standings for this tournament was made:

Suntae Kim – 68
Dan Stone – 70
Joungki Min – 71
Joon Choi – 71
Rywan Ward – 75
Erwin Grose – 76
Paul Kim – 77
John Kim – 77
Pete Yang – 81
Jesse Gosselin – 86

Next Tournament is scheduled at May 9th at Wente starting at 12:30. Hope to see you there!

Coyote Creek

So following the debacle at Poppy where half the field shot over a 100, the group came to Coyote Creek in hopes of rebounding. Our annual Young Guns vs Old Guys tournament event was the theme.

At one point, because of the proximity to our last event, we were actually Old Guys vs Ryan, but the membership came through…although the age definitely crept up for the young guns….(Before you know it, it will be Old Guys vs Older Guys….). We will definitely work on that next year and make sure we play on a Saturday (right, Chris?).

The 12 man field was divided into three foursomes, 6 men representing each team with each foursome representing two-man best ball teams….Then 5/6 best gross scores would match up against one another for a total of 8 points (3 for team, 5 from individual). 4.5 points needed to win outright.

The first foursome pitted Suntae Kim and Joungki Min versus Steve Lee and Terry Chung. It was no contest as Steve was breaking in new clubs and probably had his worst round as a Fore Aces member…..Old guys took the first point.

The Second foursome pitted Joon Choi and Sang Kim versus Peter Lyu and Erwin Grose. In the closest match of the day, Joon played the round of the day and eked out another victory for the Old Guys.

Old Guys 2, Young Guns 0…..

The Last foursome was between Paul Kim/Steve Challice (guest) and Ryan Ward/Dan Stone. In probably the most entertaining round as the jabs between Ryan and Paul kept going, the Young Guns were able to demolish the team of Old Guys something like 7 up with 5 to play. Dan Stone carried the front 9 for the Young Guns and Ryan picked it up in the back….Paul still did not wake up from his horrible round at Poppy and his new driver did not help either (new driver, but same Paul)…..Ryan won his ‘battle’ with Paul, but the ‘war’ was still in favor of the Old Guys.

In pitting the individual gross scores, the old guys won the first three matchups giving them 5 points and another victory over the Young Guns…..Ryan suggested the individual matchups be against the player they are playing within their foursomes. Not a bad idea…but hopefully we will not need to worry abou that next year as we will hope to have a fuller field!

The final results are attached:

The chase for the Fore ACES CUP has heated up….The early lead by Dan Stone has been shortened considerably, and many are in contention……It should lead to an exciting championship on October 4th!…..

There may be a make-up event at end of October/early Nov for the match against the Divots! Stay tuned!

Poppy Hills

Wow! What an ugly day. Not the weather, it was perfect. The golf not so much. Half of our group of 16 players failed to break 100. You had everything from Banuelos doing his best woodpecker impersonation to balls not being able to hold greens. Ugly.

Even in all of that ugliness, Erwin Grose and Paul Bryan managed to shoot respectable rounds and tied atop the leaderboard with net 76. Erwin took first on the tiebreaker, Paul took 2nd, and Pete Yang finished in third.

Erwin and Paul also took the team competition, a 2 man best ball format. Congrats on sucking the least at Poppy!

Pat D’Anna took the long drive by blasting one past Ryan’s low fading but at least its in the fairway effort.

Gary Kim took the closest to the pin.

And in the best money shot win ever, I put one within 20 ft of the pin without ever seeing air. A ground ball that navigated its way through the waste bunker and on to the green. Ryan blurted out, “I hope that wins.” Me too, Ryan. Me too. Ugly.

Our next event is the Club Championship on Saturday, Oct 4. First tee time is 10:30am

See you guys next month.



Half Moon Bay Ocean Course

Closest to the Pin (Hole 7) – Chris Banuelos
Money Shot (Hole 12) – Sang Kim
Longest Drive (Hole 14) – Chris Banuelos

Team Match:
1st place – 64 points – Team B (Chris Banuelos, Dan Stone and Ryan Ward)
2nd place – 60 points – Team C (Apple Kim, Young Lee and Scott Ng)
3rd place – 55 points – Team A (Yun Kim, Sang Kim and Terry Chung)

Singles Match:
1st place – Net 73 – Chris Banuelos (won on tiebreaker)
2nd place – Net 73 – Ryan Ward (runner-up on tiebreaker)
3rd place – Net 73 – John “Apple” Kim

It was a beautiful 60º day on the Ocean Course at Half Moon Bay, but things got off to a rocky start as heavy traffic and a slow kitchen caused most of the golfers to swing off the first tee cold turkey with no time to warm up.

After a few holes the players settled into the round and were ready to attack the first closest to the pin hole over the water on #7. The pin was in a tough location in the back of the green with steep slopes on all sides. Yun Kim was the closest in the first group at 28 feet. The second group stepped up to the tee box and both Ryan Ward and Dan Stone hit the green in regulation dangerously close to Yun’s mark. Batting clean up in that group Chris Banuelos hit a smooth 8 iron that took one big hop and stopped just outside of 18 feet. No one in the third group could better that mark and Chris walked away with first blood.

As the players came around the turn Team B of Banuelos, Stone and Ward appeared to have the tournament well within hand after a front 9 36 in stableford points with the three man team clocking a net +5 overall. Next on the docket was the 12th hole money shot. A difficult par 3 that plays dead into the teeth of the ocean wind. Setting the early mark in the first group was Sang Kim who stuck his tee shot inside 10 feet. Being such a difficult hole many shots looked good off the face from the next two groups but ended up a club short and it was Sang who walked away from with money, power and respect of his peers.

Two holes later came a downwind par 5 14th hole which served as our long drive hole for the day. The first group made things interesting as Yun Kim teed off first and hit the ball 300 yards dead down the center. Batting clean up in the group, knowing there was an impressive mark already out there, Terry “Mighty Mouse” Chung stepped up to the challenge and aided by a huge first hop took the lead adding another 15 yards to Yun’s mark. The second group stepped up to the plate and Dan Stone hit his biggest fly of the day carrying the ball 300 yards directly over the fairway bunkers but the ball landed in the rough and died leaving what looked to be a contender out of the running. Batting 3rd in the second group Chris Banuelos knew all he had to do was put a good swing on it to be in the running. There was some debate on whether Chris shouted “that’s a winner” before or after he actually made contact with the ball, but Chris’ confident gut feeling proved accurate as he bested Terry’s mark by another 15 yards. That mark proved too much for the 3rd group and Chris walked away with his second prize of the day.

Heading back towards the Pacific Ocean and Ritz Carlton for the final 4 holes it was Ryan Ward’s tournament to lose in the singles match and Team B’s tournament to lose in the team match. With a 5 stroke lead over John “Apple” Kim and a 6 stroke lead over Chris Banuelos all Ward needed to do was play bogey golf to secure a multiple shot victory. But the day turned south for Ward in a hurry as he 4-putt the 15th green for a 7 and 3 putt the 16th green for a 6. Banuelos played those two holes in +1 and Ward’s lead was disappearing quickly. A dart to 10 feet that lead to a par on 17 followed by a 300 yard smash off the 18th tee seemed to right the ship for Ward, but trouble once again found it’s way into the fold as Ward went for the 18th green in two. The 3 iron shot was pushed well right of the green and long bouncing off the cart path and hitting a 3rd story window on the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay. Ward finished 18 with an 8 while Banuelos’ steady play gave him a par and the two ended the round tied with net 73′s.

As two members of Team B were limping their way home Team C was steadily sneaking their way back into the tournament lead by the stellar play of John “Apple” Kim. This was highlighted by an incredible 8 iron to three feet on 18 which Apple converted for the Net Eagle to secure his spot in a three way tie with Banuelos and Ward and also give his team a boost to 60 points in the Stableford team game. The 60 points was not enough to overcome the lead the Team B created on the front 9. Even though Stone and Ward came home in rough waters, it was Banuelos’ steady play that secured the team victory at 65 points.

Needing to go back to the first handicap hole to decide the 3 way tie between Chris Banuelos, John “Apple” Kim and Ryan Ward it was Banuelos’ net birdie that secured the victory in the singles match as Ward had a net par for 2nd and Apple had a net bogie for 3rd.

Next up on the schedule for Fore Aces is the redesigned Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach on August 30th. There has been some discussion of a potential get together for the group in early August to keep everyone’s game tight so keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail soon.

See you next month!

TPC Stonebrae

Last year fog delay, this year heat stroke! So much for planning for better weather.

Congrats to Dan Stone on winning his 2nd tournament this year, with a net score of 71. We’re going to have to start calling him Stonebagger from now on. Erwin Grose and Suntae Kim finished tied for 2nd with net 72.

Paul Kim ended up with one of the closest to the pins. The long drive and money shot were voided due to missing markers. Those will carry over to the Half Moon Bay tournament. If you can’t make it to Half Moon, you’ll carry a $5 money shot credit to your next tournament.

With the win, Dan takes a pretty commanding cup lead. See the Current Standings here.

Next tournament is at Half Moon Bay on Sunday, July 13th. Please remember to RSVP on eVite.