Fore Aces Cup Standing Through June 2019

FA 2019.6.1 Standing

The Championship at Baylands
FA net results
Paul Kim 77
Jesse 78
Suntae 79
Henrik 80
Pat 80
John Kim 81
Erwin 81
Steve 83
John Knight 85
Paul Yun 87
Guest Peter LaBreche 81
Guest Aamir Faruqui 81
CTP money: Pat, Steve
CTP sleeves: Suntae, John Kim
Team 1st: Suntae/Paul -7
Team 2nd: Jesse/Pat -3

Thank you to all of those who are able to participate in the first major of the 2019 season. The wind was challenging. The greens were even more challenging. But all in all, it was a gorgeous day.
A significant amount of movement occurred for the leaderboard of the Fore Aces Cup after this tournament. There were extra points awarded since this is a major.
I also hope that you enjoyed the team game format that we played, “Ham and Ham” with individual hdcp stroke allocation. Since I ended up in last place, we’re never playing this format again! Actually, it was a lot of fun and I enjoy the team aspect as well as rewarding good shots and holes. It was interesting to see the strategy of the teams. There were a couple of instances where a team scored -4 on a single hole!! Awesome!!!
Check out for the FA Cup leaderboard and other information.

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