Fore Aces Cup Standing through June 2020

FA Cup 2020 June

So…I show up early to finalize the details for Saturday’s tournament round and am walking to the pro shop.

What a coincidence when I run into James Lee whom we know from playing many rounds together.

“Hi James! Great to see you. Are you playing with your other golf group today?”

–“Hi Steve. Nice hair. I wish I could look as good as you. But no, I’m playing with you guys, Fore Aces.”

–“Yeah, you guys are having a tournament today. I got the Evite and it’s on my calendar on my phone.”

“But we have 16 already. I didn’t see your name on the Yes list on the Evite.”

–“But I put in on my phone. See, here it is.”

“Uh, just because you put it on your phone doesn’t mean you’re on the player list for today. Let me explain how Evite works….”

Long story short, Poppy doesn’t allow 5-somes. But there was a group of 3 following the ForeAces group. I joined up with some really nice guys and one of them (JJ, from San Jose) is interested in joining our group for the future!

It was a gorgeous day. Great weather. The wind picked up only for a few holes.

I hope everyone had a good time. I’m always open for game suggestions and comments to improve our experiences.

“Oil and Water:” This was a new 2-man tournament format that’s a twist from 2-man net better ball. Lots of strategy since both partners had to arrange placement of their handicap dots to take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses. Some teams did this better than others. I couldn’t even venture to guess what the winning score would be. I was thinking it would be around -8. How could I have guessed that the winning scores would be -15 and -16 and that the last minute 17th player would be part of the winning team? Well James was gracious enough to share his winning prizes with me for pairing him up with one of the guys who had a hot hand yesterday.

I want to send my thanks to Pete for leaving a trail of Coors Light cans every third tee box so that I would not lose my way bringing up the rear. They were like beacons of ice cold refreshment to keep me motivated for the round. Just when the previous can was emptied, a new can took its place, fulfilling the circle of life.

I also want to send my condolescences to Pete. It must have been the shortest amount of time someone held on to a par 3 closest to pin Money Shot during one of our tournaments. While I was on the 15th green, I hear lots of yelling from the 16th tee as Pete beat John Rhee’s CTP of 6 feet with his own shot inside 4 feet. As Pete was about to count his $60, John steps up and hits his ball inside 2 feet. More yelling from Pete, but it was for mature audiences only.

If anybody knows a good exorcist, Suntae has some demons he needs to get rid of after shanking his chip shot into the water on 18 to finish with a triple bogey. That’s going to haunt him for a while.

Paul, I hope your blisters on your feet heal up well. Walking 27 in new shoes may be why you didn’t seem to play your best. Or it could’ve been the new driver. Or playing with David “the cooler” Chung.

Speaking of David, I’ve still got my eye on you. I’ll keep letting you play with 21 clubs in your bag but only if you carry your bag next time. No push carts of riding carts. I need you to get into regulation 14 clubs, or you might continue your tradition of being disqualified for the FA Cup year end prizes. Just sayin….

Best quote I heard on Saturday:

“Well, duh!!” After one player said to his partner that they play so much better when they know they’re going to get bailed out after a bad shot or a bad hole.

Next outing: Saturday 7/11 at Callippe, 11:03. I will send the evite out shortly. Please read the details on the evite for specific instructions.
James, ask one of your kids how to use the internet and let me know if you will be playing next month!

Results. (also updated FA Cup standings for the year long prizes can be viewed at

“Oil and Water”

Who let this guy in: james/john -16 $80 (steve took part in their winnings)

Hail Mary: pete/paul y -15 $60

Area 51: david/paul k -15 $60

Let it Go: chuck/mike -12

Friends with benefits: suntae/perry -11

No Boundaries: juan/john -8

Trust the Process: henrik/johannes -5

Glad you’re finally playing with us: nakul/sunder -5

Flying Solo: steve -4


James Lee and Steve Lee, sleeves of Callaway Chrome Soft balls

Juan Mesta and John C Kim, $60 each

FA low net 66, David Chung $40

FA low net 67, John Rhee $20

68, John “Apple” Kim

70, Pete

71, Steve

72, Henrik

75, Nakul Lele

75, Paul Yun

76, Suntae

79, Johannes

81, Chuck

82, Juan

83, Paul Kim

Guest gross scores:

78 James

79 Perry

91 Sunder

95 Mike


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