Fore Aces Cup Standing through May 2020

2020 May FACup Standing

2020 May Tournament Results

I’m not happy.
First of all, WTF Paul??? Net 60? really?
Second, how did James get involved with our group? Another net 60?
Third, who was the idiot that paired those two guys together on the same team? (sadly, no one to blame for myself)

Metropolitan cooperated with the weather. Just enough breeze and wind to affect some shots, but not enough to make it silly.
Truly, it was nice to get out and play as a group again. The next step will be to hope we can eat and drink together after a round sitting down at a restaurant instead of the parking lot.

Saturday 6/20 is the next planned outing. Venue TBD, depending on the shelter rules in the different counties. I send the info via evite so please look for it in the next couple of weeks.

FA members low net: Paul 60 $40
second low net: Suntae 63 $20

Team: Talladega Nights (only first place counts)
-45?!?! Rhee, Paul, James, Chuck (when 2 guys shoot net 60 each, what can you do?)
$80 prize for the team!
-30 Suntae, Francis, Ted, Apple
-29 Steve, Ryan, Ron, Pete
-26 Knight, Sean, Johannes, Juan
Every other team was close together, but these guys were just exceptional today!! Congrats!

CTP: Affirmative Action (you can only use one set of tee boxes once and once only, Black/Blue/White/Red)
#5: Johannes
#7: James (Birdie converted!!)
#12: Suntae
#15: James (Birdie converted!!)
Suntae was CTP on 5 and converted his birdie until Johannes sniped his tee shot closer
$60 for each CTP with extra prizes today; and one sleeve of balls for the birdie conversions by James and Suntae

Results: **guest, net/gross
Paul 60/75
**James 60/70
Suntae 63/76
**Ted 66/82
Rhee 67/78
Apple 68/83
Pete 68/82
**Ron 70/90
Knight 71/78
Johannes 71/94
Chuck 73/90
Francis 74/89
Ryan 74/86
Juan 74/93
Steve 74/79
Sean 79/90

Alright. I’m no longer bitter. Golf is golf. Congratulations on a lot of good scores today! Updated FA Cup standings will be up soon on our website:

Look for the evite for the next outing for Saturday 6/20, course TBD.

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