Fore Aces Cup Standing through September 2019

September 2019 Summary

Hello all
First things first: Final October event is a Major event, with 1.75x Fore Aces Cup points.
Check for the current Cup standings.
There could be big changes to the current top 5 players depending on Poppy Ridge results.
The Cup is our year long event with final prizes for top finishers, including paid club fees for 2020.
October 26
Poppy Ridge
11:50 am start times
16 spots
Closest to pin prizes will be sleeves of ProV1x balls (yeah, we’re bringing the bling for the final Major)
Evite will be sent shortly
Bridges Summary:
Our penultimate event has just been completed.  When we were scheduling for the Bridges, internally we were thinking we might only get like 8 players because of the love/hate (mostly hate) perception of this course.  Who knew we would fill at 16 players with a 2 person waitlist!
It was a cooler than average day, but bright and challenging.
Things got off to an interesting start as Peter LaB of group 4 had a natural birdie on hole 1, equating to a net double eagle!!  Craziness.
Then somewhere along the way, group 2 lost track of group 1 and group 1 started using the golf course as a driving range waiting for them.
Two players in group 3 started hydration early.  And often.  And then things got kind of fuzzy.  And that’s why it’s a short summary.
But as mentioned before, I have become a big fan of Stableford scoring.  No more stress of grinding over a putt for double bogey. Anything over a net bogey is 0 points.  You can just pick it up. This can also speed up play.  The Modified Stableford scoring system only rewards good scores without penalizing bad ones.
20 points, Peter Yang, $40
18 John Knight, $10
18 John Rhee, $10
17 Suntae
17 Chuck
17 Juan
16 Paul K
16 Steve
15 John Apple K
14 Ryan
13 Paul Y
27 Peter LaB
27 John Scivally
18 Mitch
9 Ted
Closest to Pin: Knight, Ryan, Chuck
$$$ shot: Chuck! (It was like within 3-4 feet), $60
Team Best Ball: Tie, Group 4 and Group 3
Team 2nd best ball: Group 3
Group 1: 36 points/19 points
Group 2: 27 points/19 points
Group 3: 44 points/20 points
Group 4: 44 points/18 points
If you would like to be removed from this email list and evite list, reply to me by email.
Steve, Fore Aces prez

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