Fore Aces Cup Standing through October 2019 – Final

FA Cup 2019


We have completed our final tournament of the 2019 at Poppy Ridge on Saturday under perfect playing conditions – warm, clear skies and very little wind.
This was our second and final major tournament of the year, with a chance to win championship and the prestigious Fore Aces Cup.

Before the day began, Steve Lee was in the lead with 530 points on the FA Cup leaderboard, with Paul Kim in second place at almost 100 points behind Steve, and Apple John in third place closely behind Paul.
Since Steve was absent from the tournament, John & Paul had mathematical possibilities to leap ahead of Steve with a win at Poppy.

The tournament was kicked off with a red hot start by Paul Yun in the first group, who made five straight pars in a row. He started getting really nervous after realizing that he was only 2 over par through 11 holes – an outstanding performance for 15 handicapper – before his handicap caught up to him with a punishing string of triple-bogeys.
Ryan’s guest Josh was a power hitter who had a handsome bushy red beard where he hides his tees. Suntae was busy cheering on Paul Yun while admiring Josh’s beard.

John Knight in the second group was full of confidence after just returning from from Wailea where he shot one of his best rounds of this life. However, he left his island mojo on the Hawaiian island and could replicate the magic.
Great performance by bounty hunter Dave Chung, with laser sharp pin-seeking irons shots to own the Par 3s with a CTP, the money shot and a couple of skins.

The real match was between the two leaders Apple John and Paul Kim in the final group.
Apple had a hot start with a couple of pars and leaping ahead of Paul by 4 shots through eight holes. John finds water on the 9th to make a triple-bogey, and the match suddenly became a tight race. In the back nine, Apple continued to play steady golf while Paul faltered with a couple of triple-bogeys and fell behind. Paul makes a late birdie on the 15th, and Apple makes another triple-bogey on the 18th hole.
Apple finishes the round with 87 (net 70) which was good enough for a 2 stroke win for the championship and eventually the FA Cup. Congratulations Apple John Kim!

Here are the final results.

Apple . 87/70 – 1st place
Ryan – 84/72 – 2nd
Pete – 88/73
Chuck – 91/73
Suntae – 84/73
Paul Yun – 89/74
Knight – 86/77
Rhee – 89/78
Paul Kim – 95/81

Dave – 83/71
Josh – 101/82
Peter Labreche – 100/76

Pete with 5 megaskins; Apple, Dave, Chuck, Knight and Paul Kim winning 2 skins each

Your tournament scores have already been posted to NCGA.

Attached is the final tournament and FA Cup results.

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